Web-Site Principles and Concepts

When I first learned that we would be building a portfolio website within the first 5 weeks of class I felt my heart sink. I had somewhat of a hard time learning code in Web 1 last semester and now I needed to build one in 5 weeks.  When I first started to outline my first website it was going to be a parallax scrolling website.  Using the outline method for it helped to get it visualized but when it came to the code from a tutorial I was working on it just wouldn’t work. So when this happened I had one day to come up with another design.  With working with the wireframe really helped to create it fast and easy.  I actually liked this design more then the first.  The wireframe that I first came up with was a good layout to follow because I actually had to make some minor adjustments to my code layout when I actually made the page.

Another thing that was new to me was google fonts, I never knew about this before I worked on the portfolio website.  It was cool to see all the different font you could use on your website by just inserting the code or linking the page to your website. One article that helped me was Tutusplus website article on the “9 Essential Principles for Good Web Design“.  This helped me to layout my web-site as a whole and also to my wireframe at the start.  The most helpful information from this article for me was the typography section. I have not taken a typography course yet like some of the other students in class and this helped me to choose a font that would fit in with my design and layout of the website.  This for me has been fun and frustrating to build this web-site but in all it has been a good learning experience.


Week 13: Resume


I have been a Target Team Member for 5-years with background in electronic sales and guest service. Broad knowledge in electrical items such as TVs, Cameras, Game Systems, etc. Now I am looking for a career in Illustration/Concept Art.


Electronics Team Member July 2009 – present Target Corporation | 1015 North Court Street Medina, OH 44256

Deliver fast, fun and friendly service to guests in the store. Help keep, Target brand experience consistent, positive and welcoming and also make a difference by responding quickly and responsively to guest and team member need.


Some College Coursework Completed, General Studies, Digital Art, Art.

University of Akron | 302 Buchtel Common, Akron, Ohio 44325

Currently attending.

Degree that I am going for is Studio Art with a minor in Illustration.

Some College Coursework Completed, Game Art,

Attended: July 2011 – June 2012

Full Sail Real World Education | 3300 University Boulevard – Winter Park, Florida 32792

Did online courses. 

Vocational, Digital Design.

Attended: September 2009 – June 2011

Medina County Career Center | 1101 W Liberty St, Medina OH 44256

Two year program that taught digital design, video processing and graphic design. I was more concentrated on the digital design aspect of the course along with some graphic design.

Some College Coursework Completed, General Studies, Drawing.

Attended: July 2009 – June 2011

Cuyahoga Community College | 11000 Pleasant Valley Road Parma, OH 44130


Drawing, brainstorming, illustration, Intermediate level of customer service and sales experience.

Computer Programs Known: Photoshop, Illustrator, some InDesign, ZBrush, Maya, and Mudbox.

LANGUAGES: English Fluent

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Within my first year of working in Target I was promoted to Electronics Team Member from Sales Floor Team Member.


Roseanne Radziewicz

Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurse

Metrohealth Medical Ctr (440) 821-2360


Michael Bowman

Sales Manager

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

(330) 242-3499


Week 11- Portfolio Site

What I would like to accomplish with my portfolio site is to create a site to show future employers my portfolio to get into the work place.  For the field that I want to get into, Illustration/Concept Art, your portfolio is the biggest part of your resume and can be the outcome to weather you are hired or not.  So for me I am looking to make this look presentable and easy to navigate to show my work to my potential employers in the future.

Week 10: Reflection

So far this semester in Design for Web and Devices I has been a little more challenging then expected.  I have had some experience with Dreamweaver but it was back when I was a fresh man in high school in 2007.  When we were doing the in class homework’s some of the information was coming back to me from what I learned before. Although for me it wasn’t good enough.  Up to the point of the midterm things we learned in class one day and then work on another I would have to refresh myself on what we had learned.  Once I started to work on our project one for the redesign for a website things started to make more sense.  With the production of our portfolio website, I can’t wait to get started on it for I will most likely use this one or one later on to show employers my work. This will definitely be fun to work on.

Favorite Portfolio |John Avon|

One of my favorite artist is John Avon.  He is an illustrator that does book covers and images for a trading card game called Magic the Gathering.  John has been a real inspiration to me because of his landscapes.  John’s portfolio of images are some of the best that I have seen.  In the game of Magic the land cards are the most used cards and get seen the most out of any other card.  Here is a link to his gallery of images.